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The initiative of creating "NABBA Macedonia" dates back to 1989.

In a conversation with several bodybuilders who had practiced in the garage or basement, WE came to the conclusion that the Bitola and the region lacks of true - professional hall for practicing bodybuilding.

The first sports center for bodybuilding was created in 1990, in an nuclear shelter in place "Karpos" in Bitola, and had an area of 200m2. It was a complete bodybuilding center, with 3 stars, where about 200 members come to practice from the whole region.

The name of the center was “Weider - Electrolux”. The founder was Palenzo Dimche, secretary was Vladimir Trifunovski while members of the Management Board were Oliver Dimitrovski and Slavcho Sekulovski.

Since then WE deal with manufacturing of machines for bodybuilding, sell the machines for bodybuilding, sports supplements intake, and other sports equipment from world renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Panatta Sport
  • Elan
  • Klever
  • Lotto
  • Weider

We have participate in organizing and organize different types of sport events, and also sells equipment for stadiums, sport and other type of halls (seats, panels and other equipment).

We meet the needs of our customers in the highest level, which gives contribution and encourages sports in Macedonia.

Members of the club participated in many OTV competitions, as national and international.

In 1993, credited for encouraging the sport in Macedonia, upon proposal of the previous President Ilija Gligorovski, Palenzo Dimche was unanimously voted president of (SAGM) Union of athletic gymnastics Macedonia.

In 1994 has been granted an official invitation to join the Republic of Macedonia in the international federations for bodybuilding IFBB WORLD and NABBA WORLD Congress in Shanghai, China.

President, Palenzo Dimche, along with the team took care to attend this Congress. There were present in 365 countries and on behalf of our country's official name was used, ie Republic of Macedonia.

Next year (1995) We have organized the biggest bodybuilding competition in Macedonia with respect to all world standards for such competition.

In 1996, in Bitola, we organized the Balkan Championship IFBB Federation, which was attended by competitors from all Balkan countries.

Organizational commitment, completed projects and sponsorships:

  • We have organized two regional bodybuilding competitions;
  • We have participated in eight regional cup competitions;
  • We have participated in ten world bodybuilding competitions;
  • Our members have won first, second and third places as well as special and absolute winner prices;
  • We have a presence at two international conferences on development of sport as well as for joining of the Republic of Macedonia in international federations;