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Design and manufacture of stands.

Primary activity of Leader Engineering Company is design, manufacture and mounting of stands. In stand manufacturing we use only certified materials and technologies, we can guarantee quality, reliability and long life of our products.

We produce stands of different types:

  • permanent stands;
  • demountable stands;
  • telescopic bleachers;
  • recessed platforms;
  • stands with roof;
  • stands with shelter;
  • quick-assembled stands.

On all types of stands we can install our own plastic seats and chairs as well as can install seats and chairs of foreign manufacturers. We take into consideration Customer’s requirements: finishing materials, colour of metal constructions, temperature and humidity conditions in the places where stands will be used and stored, in case of need we offer roofs of different types for stands, height of the first row (the stand may be lift up over the base if it is necessary for spectator’s convenience), shape and design of safety guards, materials of gangways and stairs, additional stairs, arched aisles under the stands, folding mechanism of telescopic bleachers (manual or electric drive).

Stand dimensions and its configuration depend on Customer’s requirements and object type. As every object is unique by its overall dimensions, number of seats and external environment, we properly obey standards of safety and Customer’s requirements during design, manufacture and mounting of stands.