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Plastic seat is destined for installation both outdoor and indoor.

Plastic seat features:

  • seat may be installed on concrete steps of stadium, on permanent stands, on telescopic bleachers;
  • seat is made of high impact and frost-resistant plastic – polypropylene (from -40 °C to +50 °C);
  • seat is bolted with four carriage bolts from below, that allows to avoid imperfections and deformation of spectator and seat contact surface;
  • seat is resistant to ultraviolet and doesn’t sustain combustion;
  • seat is resistant to emotions of most active spectators and fans;
  • plastic seat has number tag, hole for water drainage;
  • seat is certified and meet FIFA and UEFA requirements.

During this seat designing we took into account disadvantages and advantages of analogous equipment of Russian and Foreign production. The special attention was paid to questions of ergonomics and spectator’s comfort. Our seat really permits spectator to get pleasure from sport show, and nothing will divert him and put him to inconvenience.

Stadium seat SF1 of our own manufacture is made of high impact and frost-resistant polypropylene. It is bolted with four carriage bolts (from below) and has number tag. Colour of the seat depends on Customer’s demand. It is unexposed to ultraviolet. It conforms to ergonomics requirements and meet UEFA requirements.

Installation diagram:

Bench with stadium seats SF1